Gallery of Bands and Live Shows

Miss Colombia -neotropical dance music made in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired on South American electronica and psychedelic tropical culture, Miss Colombia is a band-collective of visual and performing artists, which sound combines elements of the Caribbean grandeur with an electronic, funky, psychedelic and hip-pop feel.

Bonnie Smith and Reflejos – original Singer/Songwriter and singer and composer of Latin  American inspired group Reflejos.

Helen Yotis –  with Taxhithi Project An Australian Odyssey

Saray Iluminado 
New interpretations of Sevdah from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Jewish Sephardic music from the Balkans.

Horns of Leroy – Funk

Queen of Hearts Mariachi – Melbourne’s first all female original Mariachi band

Abbie Chiquita Cardwell – singer/songwriter

Niko Nezna  – Balkan band ( NZ)

Hello Tut Tut  – Original Klezmer – Cumbia  – Swing

Swimsuit Dynamite – Original Surf – Rock – Punk  band

Quarter Street – Salsa

Lolo Lovina (SYD) Balkan and Eastern European

The Wikimen jazz and folk

Lake Minnetonka – Original Funk and Jazz

Galata Express – Original Turkish and Balkan band

Akoma Beat – Ghanian Hilife

Animal Orchestra  – Original soundtrack music

Yellow Blue Bus (Adelaide) – Original South Australian global-fusion ensemble.

Babaganoush – Balkan and Eastern Europe

Cyclo Timik – Original French Cabaret

There are so many more bands …on the way… we are continuing to update this page as we celebrate 14 years of Live Music at OPEN STUDIO!