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Willow Wave and Kong Kord

  • February 18
  • Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Entry: $5
  • (Door sales only)
  • When:

This open studio gig is set to be a vibrant night featuring some expressive young musicians. Come along and absorb the plethora of sounds on the table.

Willow Wave are a Jazz Folk group committed to the wavering thoughts that wash through a mind. They will play a series of compositions describing an interpretation of what being natural is, interweaving instrumental textures and word as communication to shape the perspective. Willowy fountain. The group includes, Anthony Farrugia, Angus Gray, Jacob Long, Jaya Parwata and Emily Wilson.

Kong Kord is an improvisational Hip Hop group with Jazz roots. They embrace the abrasive nature of emotion as well as the calm of relaxation. Kong Kord is Lachlan Thompson, Darcy Stibard, Siwei Wong, Jonah Grant and Nic Duq.