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THE WIKIMEN (Popular music from 10′s 20′s 30′s and the era prior to sanitary dentistry)



One of Open Studio’s most loved bands returns for 2018 …

The Wikimen : marvellous swing jazz hawaiian blues pop and exotica musics for your listening and dancing pleasures.

The Wikimen have played forever and a day since 1908. Mostly at kindergartens and Art Galleries in Melbourne. Throughout their daily toils and tribulations they always find a time to string up the double bass, pat the drum set, tickle the ukulele and polish the vibraphone for new sonic adventures in the realms of early 20th century pop jazz hula swing. The instrmental line up these days is as reads above, with the occasional addition of some of our extended family. When the band is really cooking you can bet they have the help of those hard to keep up with Brassy siblings, The Jones’ , Declan and Ros.

The wikimen have had the pleasure of Nara Demasson, Dan Witton, Renato Vacirca and Justin Marshall as well as Ros & Declan Jones for some time now and they have enjoyed wholeheartedly playing at diverse engagements, multiudinous weddings, and festivals small and large. They fiercely enjoy playing at a volume that encourages intimate conversation on the dance floor as well as the opportunity to encourage the movement of the body in the spirit of grandparents and grandchildren.

Popular music from 10′s 20′s 30′s and the era prior to sanitary dentistry.Ukelele , Double bass , dobro , Vibrophone , percussion and an all singing line up.