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Rigidy Rourke & The Love Dogs – Beautiful Beasts

  • November 15, 2017
  • Time: 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
  • When:
  Rigidy Rourke & The Love Dogs – Funk/Grooove/Soul
  Beautiful Beasts – Funk/Groove/Soul
$5 on the door
Many years ago… In the early 80’s…. 2 mystical beings emerged from the swamps of the South East. Some say they were born of the meteors that had fallen in the local area, others say they were mere mortals. One was blessed with extreme beauty, the other with a gift for melody and song writing.
The path each took was crooked and fraught with danger. One went on to create a band of tight groove known as ‘Rigidy Rourke & The Love Dogs’. The other formed a band of ‘Beautiful Beasts’ both powerful of melody and undefinable of genre.
On Wednesday November 15th at Open Studio Northcote the 2 bands unite for a show of grooves so epic it may well shake the venue to its foundations. The only way to offset such a tragedy is to fill the room with music loving punters who love the groove and crepes. $5 at the door is all it takes friends.
Stop, look and listen to Rigidy Rourke & The Love Dogs at the following locations