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‘Luke Byrnes + Clancy Staunton +Brassica’

  • October 23, 2017
  • Time: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Luke's photoBrassica's picture Clancy's Photo ‘Luke Byrnes + Clancy Staunton +Brassica’


Advanced Diplomas of Music are many things: hours upon hours of practice, feelings of inadequacy for not entering a BMus sooner, a series of creative quarter-life existential crises, a rapid escalation of student debt that your qualifications are unlikely to pay off, but one thing is mostly certain, it will usually always culminate in a recital. And so, it is Luke and Clancy’s pleasure to present to you the culmination of our musical studies over the past year, all performed at one of Melbourne’s most loved live music venues, Open Studio, In addition to Luke and Clancy’s recital programs, those whose ears are luck enough to be in attendance will be the first to hear our Fairfield guest, Marte Ydema, and her debut performance with her band Brassica! 8pm – Brassica (Marte Ydema) 9pm – Luke Byrnes 10pm – Clancy Staunton Concession/Students: $5 or nearest offer Waged: $8 Brassica A little bitter but sweet when well cooked, BRASSICA will play you songs inspired by hot Melbourne summers and cold uninsulated Suburban houses, mixed with some European melancholia. A little folky, bluesy, jazzy, get ready to dance a waltz if you dare. Or pretend you are watching the night sky from a Parisian terrace. Luke Byrnes Luke Byrnes is a tall guitarist from Northern Rivers NSW. Initially heading to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue a career as a geneticist, Luke took a tragic and all-to-common turn towards life as a musician. Having performed with a diverse assortment of local Melbourne outfits ranging from bluegrass, punk, folk, and hip hop, Luke has recently finished a year of musical training at Melbourne Polytechnic to help integrate his varied musical tastes. Drawing inspiration from guitarists as disparate as Tony Rice and Ben Monder, Luke brings a colourful range of influences to his playing and improvisation, which he tries to deliver free of cliché and fusion cheese. Luke will be performing a collection of original compositions, jazz and bluegrass arrangements, and will be accompanied by a rotating line-up of his some of Melbourne’s finest musicians that he has played with during his time in this city. Clancy Staunton Clancy Staunton is a short guitarist from Deniliquin NSW. He has pursued music from the age of thirteen as a form of rebellion because his parents wanted him to be a contributing member of society. Raised almost exclusively on modern country and early 2000’s pop music. His life was changed at 13 when his friend gave him a pirated copy of Stadium Arcadium and Aerosmith’s greatest hits and he started playing guitar. Since then his style has developed into something that is a big gumbo of jazz, blues, paprika, metal, punk, okra, 80s guitar solos, one large onion finely chopped and a healthy serving of fiercely targeted apathy. Clancy is a guitarist in the band Grumble Guts and will be performing a set of original songs written by the band. https://www.facebook.com/events/316526878756992/