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FAT PICNIC – roots and funk!

Roots & Funk outfit, Fat Picnic have built a reputation for creating music that is fun, high energy and keeps you dancing from start to finish. Funk, Reggae, Ska and Hip Hop are served up with fat bass, and a hot horn section.
Since before the creation of the known universe existed exactly 3 levels of consciousness: Groove, Tempo and Key Centre.

In this ocean of potential, pathways for the flow of energy began to form. The pathways grew more and more intricate until they evolved and pioneered a new type of existence: Form!

“To spread love and good vibes!”

These days Fat Picnic is a soul-ska explosion that preaches punchy horn lines and bangin’ reggae beats – culminating in an energetic and infectious live show. Corrupted by an unquenchable lust for groove and outstanding noises, their music ranges across dub, funk, soul & ska. Simply put, there just ain’t no party like a Fat Picnic party!

Band Members:
Graham Ashley Lead vocals/guitar
Hughie Doherty Guitar/back up vocs
Costa Constantinuo Bass
Jessica McFadyen Trumpet
Joel Aspinall Saxophone
Brad Garnett – Drums/back up vocs
Lachlan Collopy – Keys