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  • April 29
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Kick back to the cool grooves of Melbourne’s own MEJU and the tintinnabulatious psychedelic-folk duo, DATSON HUGHES.MEJU are a multi-faceted duo comprised of Megan Bernard and KaljuTonuma Step into their world of ambient groove and art pop.

DATSON HUGHES perform all original songs of love, loss and redemption on handmade mountain dulcimers. They are currently on a year long Whispering Highway EP tour ahead of the release of their forthcoming debut album.


Megan Bernard and Kalju Tonuma make beautiful synergy. Together, combining pop elements and structures within sumptuous sonic landscapes, MEJU write, produce and perform art-pop. Eclectic, intelligent and dazzlingly virtuosic, MEJU’s music will awe the crepes out of you!

“MEJU go deep onto sound, pull it apart and put it back together in a new harmonic structure.They create shimmering patterns that answer not only to the laws of harmony, but also those momentary mutations on the old ways that indicate how humans may

listen into their future. With influences from the 60’s through to contemporary electronica and references to musics that they have never even heard, because the music brings your own remembered songs to mind. This is no mere imitation but gifted sound artists at work, effortlessly able to make the real imaginary, and the imaginary real – music as real as can be imagined”. GEOFFREY DATSON


‘Mountain music, they used to call it. Made by people who lived up in the hills, in the backwoods; people who often made their own instruments, and certainly made their own rules and their own fun. Datson+Hughes live in the hinterlands behind the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland, where it’s a lot more lush than it ever was in the Appalachians, and they make their own brand of mountain music. It is appropriately lush, a blend of everything and nothing they’ve carried with them from the inner-inner-city post- punk art-rock demi-monde plus a few new things they’ve found up in the hills and use in that same DIY spirit, most principally an age-and-environment-induced stillness that allows for introspection… On their new EP Whispering Highway, Datson+Hughes write songs out of their own harmonic system, beholden only to themselves, reflections on lives well lived, on hurdles and loss and regrets surmounted, that end up in the moment, on the spiritual quest on-going… the climb to the top of the mountain…’ CLINTON WALKER